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Technical Backpack

Technical Backpack

SKU: 904
  • The Technical Backpack by Scatto will finally revolutionize your working days and your travels
  • Completely waterproof with this backpack you can walk in the rain without the contents inside getting wet
  • The reinforced rubber base will allow you to keep the backpack upright while you search for the contents inside, plus, thanks to its resistance, it easily absorbs impacts and protects the interior
  • The waterproof base is washable and super resistant, in short, you can place your backpack in a puddle or on the seashore on a beautiful Caribbean beach and everything will remain as you left it! Cool isn't it?
  • The backrest is ergonomic, padded and breathable.. goodbye alone behind your back on hot days.. :)
  • The shoulder straps are padded and in eco-leather so as to give you a feeling of softness even if the backpack is full
  • The front hook is designed to balance the weight of the backpack across the entire chest so as to weigh less on the back which at the end of the day will say THANK YOU!!
  • Inside there is a pocket for laptops up to 14 inches
  • Also inside you will find pockets suitable for cables, chargers, keys and headphones, plus two pockets suitable for pens
  • Possibility to personalize the inside of the backpack with your own data, so that, in case of loss, there would even be that remote possibility that someone would return it to you!!
  • The side pockets are elastic and resistant, suitable for water bottles and umbrellas
  • The back band for Trolley will allow you to fit the backpack onto a suitcase with a handle with a quick gesture, becoming one with it.
  • Still doubts??
  • Dimensions: 32x42x13
  • 18 litres


Colors: black

    Equipped with a rigid reinforced base that absorbs all impacts and protects what is inside


    No more back pain at the end of the day!!

    Thanks to the ergonomic backrest and the weight balance obtained by the hook in front of the chest

    Comfortable to carry on the shoulder thanks to the eco-leather and soft fabric shoulder straps even when the backpack is heavier


    With the back band you can place the backpack on the trolley and travel lighter




    Resistant to even the most intense rain and unexpected events where any liquid can come into contact with your backpack


    Internal pocket with soft and resistant fabric ideal for protecting your computer or technological devices

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