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4mm spiral notebook

4mm spiral notebook

SKU: 975-4
  • The Spiral notebook is one of the best-selling products of the Scatto line because you will find practicality and excellent quality in one product.
  • The format is A4, so you can carry it comfortably in any type of backpack or briefcase.
  • Its 140 80g sheets are sturdy and of excellent quality, so that even when writing with a marker you won't dirty the underlying pages.
  • All pages have universal holes with hatching, so that with a quick gesture you can tear the page and place it in a ring binder.
  • The durable cover does not wrinkle or crease, and is easily washable with a wet cloth.
  • Plastic spiral.
  • 4mm squares
  • Available in 6 sparkling colours.
  • You won't find a more practical notebook than this anywhere else!!
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