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Passport holder and luggage tag

Passport holder and luggage tag

SKU: 911
  • The leather travel kit by Scatto is an elegant and refined accessory, but at the same time contemporary and suitable for any trip.
  • The creation with regenerated Made in Italy leather keeps the beauty and resistance of the product unchanged over the years.
  • This particular leather aggregation technique gives a UNIQUE appearance to this line, making it a distinctive and highly recognizable element.
  • The luggage tag can be personalized with your personal details, so as to allow easy availability in case of loss.
  • The passport holder is suitable for any type of document.
  • The tag lanyard with buckle makes attachment easy and practical.
  • The packaging is also made with highly environmentally sustainable materials, such as printed kraft paper and tissue paper that wraps the products inside the package, this makes it a perfect item to give as a gift.
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